We just want to let you know: we love what we do.

We provide world class keynotes and workshops to help your students, faculty and staff choose the extraordinary.

Put another way:

We blow roofs off houses. We lift university students and staff to their feet. We remind people that every second of their lives matter and we give them the tools to make every one of those seconds count.

We bring every bit of who we are to your events: we have PhD's and multiple masters degrees. We've worked with highs school students in Compton. In fact, we were born in Compton and the suburbs. We played Division 1 football, we've worked for Teach for America and have spoken at TEDx. We've written books. We've worked with hundreds of thousands of students in dozens of universities and colleges across the world. Our programs have won awards and our speakers have been featured on tv and documentaries.

Our team brings a combined 40 years of experience motivating, inspiring and equipping students and staff.

And our average age is 35.

Put another way: we're just getting started.

And the only thing that makes us more excited than that is the possibility to make your event simply extraordinary.

We can't wait to work with you.


Sparking Good,


Jason, Goodie, Danielle and Johan